My coaching can include or be specific to:

  • Presentation and Public speaking
  • Vocal coaching & breath support
  • Interview preparation
  • Performance and Presentation Anxiety
  • Confidence Building
  • Virtual Meetings and Remote Interviews

Sessions are available online, at your home or work place

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Live Presentations

An engaging and captivating presentation isn’t something that happens by chance. It can be daunting to stand in front of any audience, but learning specific skills to effectively use your body and voice will help you deliver a successful pitch. I will guide you through the relevant techniques to help make your presentation a notable performance and positive experience.

Vocal Coaching and Breath Support

Balancing the dynamic, tone, and speed of vocal delivery is essential in communicating an articulate and convincing pitch. Proper breath support and vocal projection are required. I coach my clients in both areas to equip them to take the stage with confidence and convey their message with clarity.

Interview and Media Preparation

Pre-recorded/Online interviews, presentations, exams and performances

Working on camera is a challenging new skill for many people to learn. Recorded interviews, presentations, performances, and examinations became the new normal almost overnight at the start of the Covid pandemic. It can be highly disconcerting to record with no audience present, as pre-recorded interviews or presentations can lack the energy one would typically get face to face. I simulate these experiences for my clients to instill energised confidence in front of a camera.

Presentation and Performance Anxiety

Striking the optimum balance of cortisol and adrenaline is key to overcoming the sometimes paralysing effects of presenting in front of a panel or audience. All too often, the balance is off, undoing a lot of the preparation for a presentation. I work with my clients on numerous breathing, physical and psychological techniques to maintain steadiness and stability, putting them in control of their nerves and helping them to stay on track with their message.

Confidence Building

When we are under pressure, our voices and bodies can do strange things. Our words get away from us, with too many interjections (“um,” “ah,” “like”) or nervous movements that make us sound unsure of ourselves, and we forget what it was we wanted to say.

By simulating performance conditions, either on or off-camera in rehearsal, I help my clients identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Together we build on their abilities and methodically work through vocal glitches, body twitches, or anything else that could be undermining their performance. Most of the time, we don’t realise what we are doing, and we need a third party to work with us and identify these issues. Many can be resolved quickly with awareness and rehearsal.

Virtual Meetings and Remote Interviews

Working from home, whether in a one-to-one session or a meeting, we can easily fall into the gap of looking unprofessional by not preparing ourselves the way we would for a face-to-face meeting. It is essential to treat online sessions with the same gravitas as in person. I discuss with clients how to dress, optimum lighting levels, and use their faces and voices when on camera.

“I have always been a confident person and believed in my abilities, yet I have always been mindful and apprehensive of professional failure. I would not say this has or will hold me back as I think it drives me to succeed. However, it does affect my confidence in certain situations, for example confrontational situations or awkward/uncomfortable situations.

Working with Amanda has helped me unlock my own ways of managing and dealing with such situations in a methodic, calm and professional way which I know will stand me in good stead for the rest of my career.

Amanda acted as an excellent sounding board and coach through independant support and counsel that helped challenge my personal thinking and perceptions which allowed me to grow and manage any feelings of isolation. Throughout our sessions Amanda was professional and engaging and I know I have benefitted through unlocking some inner potential that othwise struggled to get out, thank you!”

Tom, Financial Services