Interview Preparation 

11+ and University 

Client Testimonal

‘I worked with Miss Forbes in preparation for my university interviews, and I
cannot recommend her highly enough. She helped me clarify my
achievements and selling points as an applicant and worked in depth with me
on common interview questions specifically for US universities. This gave me
conviction when answering and asking questions of my own, which in turn
prevented me from floundering and fumbling in my answers. Not only did I
gain confidence over the course of our sessions together, but I also sounded
more self-assured. By the time we had finished, I could simultaneously sound
assertive while maintaining a strong rapport with my interviewers. We
constructed my answers in a way I was able to remember easily under
pressure, enabling me to perform my best on the day without ever feeling
flustered or worried. Miss Forbes was warm and reassuring throughout the
process; she bolstered my confidence and was always willing to take time out
of her schedule to meet with me. I am so grateful for all of her help.’
North London Collegiate School Graduate and successful applicant to both Columbia and Georgetown University

Have you ever had an unnerving experience in an interview or a public presentation? Have you considered yourself prepared only to find yourself struggling verbally? Have you ever found yourself either unable to cope or started speaking at speed to disguise your understandable sense of unease?


To ensure that you overcome these challenges, I use established coaching methods and traditional stage techniques that will enhance your body language, breath control, and thought processes.


Currently, Amanda is a performance coach and  singing teacher at James Allen’s Saturday School for the Performing Arts (James Allen’s Girls School in Dulwich) and at Glendower Girl’s School in South Kensington