Don’t hang about for someone else

Have you ever waited around for someone else to get their act together? Only to put everything on hold and eventually feel let down and disappointed?

In a collaboration, be it professional or personal, it doesn’t and shouldn’t feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall trying to get things up and running. You know in your gut when something has the ability to move forward, or if it is a dead end. Carrying the other party or parties is a no go zone, and mixed messages is a definite sign to move on. 

That doesn’t mean to say you don’t need to give things a go, work, focus and be dedicated to a partnership to begin with. But if you’ve passed the initial stages and find yourself constantly waiting around for that other person to deliver, and they continue to procrastinate, then you are so much better off putting your energies somewhere else. Namely into yourself! Then you also have the space to let others in.

If not you run the risk of having to hold that other person up, depleting your own energy stores. You also run the risk of that becoming the norm where they take and take, you give and give. Before you know it you are even further from your goals, and you’re on burn out. Think think of the time and energy wasted.

It comes down to confidence and your feeling of self worth

Confidence to move on and to know that you are better off on your own. You always have more strength and more to offer than you think.

Each day is a new beginning

Yes it’s cliché to say, but clichés exist for a reason. Think ‘what would someone amazing and confident do?’

Chances are they would cut and run and realise they are worth a lot more than waiting around.

If the collaboration or partnership isn’t working, then there is no point wasting all your energy on it. It’s a big wide world out there and plenty of other creative an amazing people for you to meet. 

Rest, recalibrate, reach out to others. 

You may need to do this over and over, which can feel daunting, but you will get better at doing it as you go along. You will become more aware and discerning about who you work with, and where you will focus your energies. 

Anyone who is sapping energy from you and making excuse after excuse or giving mixed messages is not worth your time.

Find your inner fabulous and break free!